The Bivit sow program, market leader in Flanders, is tailored to the needs of each sow farmer. The choice of raw materials, feed quantity, additives and feed composition depends on the choices made by the sow farmer: genetics, shed construction and silo distribution, management,…

Thanks to our extensive practical experience, of more than 20 years in different regions in Western Europe, combined with scientifically based knowledge, we achieve absolute top performance with our sow program. This program includes premix and feed composition, as well as accompanying feeding schedule, condition measurements and veterinary guidance.

Our focus is on increasing the sow’s resistance to stress and intestinal health. Among other things, a healthy sow herd ensures stronger bone work and the transmission of immunity to the piglets. Each production stage in the sow’s cycle has its specific needs. By providing the right nutrients to the sow according to her current needs, combined with a focus on the sow’s resilience, we can improve birth weight, piglet vitality and weaning weight, among other things.

Also for reproductive boars in AI stations we have developed a nice and strong range with Borvital!

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