The piglet programme was developed to get piglets through their first weeks of life without any problems. For this purpose, a user-friendly concept was developed that takes the piglets’ development into account. A young piglet has to learn to digest the feed. That is why we choose easily digestible raw materials in the weaning feed, combined with additives that positively influence intestinal health. We gradually introduce more commonly used raw materials, which the piglets learn to digest, to finally provide a starter feed. This way, we can raise piglets without antibiotics.

For a smooth start and to avoid the weaning dip, we recommend continuing to give the tasty and well-balanced feed ‘Pekaso Plus’ temporarily on the battery, mixed with weaning starter feed, even after use in the farrowing pen. This application is of course in function of the weaning age. Your nutritional advisor will help you with an appropriate feeding schedule.

Streptococcus is one of the biggest challenges for piglets. Besides management and ventilation, we can also offer a solution here with nutrition. For this, we developed the supplement SCA-Control, a combination of specifically selected acids with pro- and prebiotics, which very actively combat the spread of Streptococcus in the house. SCA-Control can also be incorporated directly into the Start Gold premix.

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