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We are a GMP+ certified company that considers quality as a priority. We continuously monitor the quality of our raw materials and end products. This way our customers can rest assured that they will always receive the highest possible quality. The almost fully automatic production process reduces the risk of human error and guarantees optimal efficiency.

About us


In addition to nutritional advice, Bivit offers a lot of additional services for our customers. In our brand new own lab and in collaboration with external labs, we investigate the raw material and premix quality with the latest techniques. Our in-house veterinarian also provides the necessary veterinary support. We can also perform ultrasound scans on site, measure ionic blood calcium and examine rumen samples.

About us

Innovative and independent feed advice

Bivit continuously searches for the latest additives and feed formulations to achieve the best technical results. We conduct many tests for this purpose, both in scientific research stations and at practical companies. Our independent position in the market also ensures that we can offer a very broad spectrum of solutions!

Our mission

Bivit is more than a producer of premixes. We offer total solutions. In addition to the feed, we also take into account all other factors, such as management, genetics and water quality. Thanks to this personal approach, we can provide tailor-made nutritional advice for every agricultural company and feed producer.

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At Bivit, animal health is central to the composition of our range. A healthy animal costs less in medical care and performs better on a technical and economic level. Antibiotics and hormones are taboo. A good, high-quality premix or mineral mixture, with the necessary vitamins and additives, is essential for this. Bivit is a pioneer in the use of the latest organic trace elements, enzymes and specific essential fatty acids. Furthermore, these additives ensure that feeds containing our premixes are very sustainable for the environment. With this innovative approach we always take a step forward in feed quality!

In this way, Bivit develops feeding concepts, where not only the exact composition of the premix is important, but also the recipe of the accompanying final feed. In this way we create a feed according to the wishes and needs of your company and work together on long-term successes!

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Our vision

At Bivit we strive to be the driving force behind a more sustainable and efficient livestock sector. We understand that the agricultural sector is constantly evolving, with changing sustainability requirements, legislation and customer needs. The growing global demand for meat, eggs and dairy products requires a smart approach that respects animal health, animal welfare and the environment.

Our challenge is to develop innovative and sustainable feed solutions that contribute to higher feed conversion, improved productivity and superior quality of animal products. We believe that these feeding solutions cannot be one size fits all, as each farm is unique in its needs and circumstances.

At Bivit we are on the front line of this challenge, always alert to the latest developments and demands of the sector. We are committed to finding creative and innovative solutions so that the livestock sector is more efficient, sustainable and better able to meet growing global demand. And this without sacrificing the essential values of animal health, animal welfare and environmental responsibility.

Our team

Member Paul De Smet
Paul De Smet
CEO Bivit
Adriaan Matthys
Product Manager Pigs and Poultry
Member Lukas Van Ongevalle
Lukas Van Ongevalle
Product Manager cattle
Dries Robijns
Product Manager Pigs
Kenny Beutels
Nutritional Advisor Cattle (Antwerp, De Kempen, Limburg, NL)
Filip Jan
Filip-Jan Schoenaers
Nutritional Advisor Cattle (West & East Flanders, Brabant)
Jonas Van Damme
Nutritional Advisor Pigs (West and East Flanders, Brabant) & Horses
Peter Van Mierlo
Nutritional Advisor Pigs (NL)
Lana Verhelle
Nutritional Advisor for Pigs and Poultry
Maya Pickavet
Nutritional Advisor cattle
Ellen Derua
Nutritional Advisor Cattle (Antwerp, De Kempen, Limburg, NL, Flemish Brabant)
Sofie Allaert
Sophie Vanbergie
Accounting & Personnel
Elynne Ponseele
Marketing & Events
Mario Spolverato
Production manager
Jordy Opbrouck
Luc Paepe
Paul Acke
Paul Acke
Jimmy Casier
Transport and production
Siebe Leperre
Fayçal Boumakel
Deborah Sabbe
Internal Sales
Jolien Coppens
Caroline Decock
About us
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Bivit was founded in Bruges by Marc Verkampst. In 1992, Paul De Smet started as an independent representative at Bivit. In 1999, Paul de Smet took over Bivit, the beginning of a growth story.

Bivit has 4 production employees and 3 clerks. Ignace Deleersnyder joins the team. The production of 4000 tons / year is achieved. The collaboration has now started with Bivit Italia / Neofarma in Italy and Ahlbrand in Germany. New ranges are successfully launched on the market.

Bivit receives its FAVV recognition. The GMP+ certificate and the German QS standard are a fact. In 2004, Bivit can be proud of a 150% increase in turnover, good for 6,000 tons. The collaboration with Nutrifirm will start in 2007, which will also serve the French market. In 2008, the first plans were made for the construction of a larger production site in Gullegem.

The new production location in Gullegem is opened. The focus was placed on:

  • Efficiency in raw material storage
  • Weigh correctly
  • Homogeneous mixing
  • Reduced carry-over
  • Fully automatic dosing
  • Dust control
  • Ergonomics for employees

Bivit is the first factory equipped with vertical transport of raw materials. A container lift takes the raw materials to a height of 24 meters. There they are poured into the mixer, after which the premix ends up in a weighing bunker after mixing.

The Bivit team now has 24 employees and we produce 12,000 tons per year, good for an output equivalent of 1.2 MIO tons of final feed. Bivit is still growing every day under the leadership of CEO Paul De Smet.

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