Discover BIVIT’s Comprehensive Services. Our expert approach covers a range of services, including detailed nutritional advice, advanced ultrasound, accurate NIRS analyses, tailored technical advice and efficient sampling. Rely on BIVIT for complete support in a variety of disciplines

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Grain quality analysis

If you have questions about the quality of your grain, you can always contact one of our advisers. Thanks to our NIRS device, we can quickly and accurately assess your grain.


On-farm monitoring of blood values

Our new device allows us to monitor on-farm blood values, such as ionic calcium, to visualise calcium status and (subacute) calf disease.
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Measuring fat and muscle thickness

BIVIT introduces a pioneering method for assessing the condition of modern sow breeds. Our ultrasound technique measures both fat and muscle thickness, allowing us to accurately assess the health of sows and optimise their productive life. This innovative approach helps fine-tune rations to the needs of your herd, ensuring their health and welfare.