Horses are demanding animals in terms of their nutritional needs. Besides high-quality hay, the basic ration should be supplemented with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, there are adapted needs depending on the sports performance or reproductive phase the horses are in. Bivit has several products on the market that are essential in supplementing the basic ration to achieve the best results. Besides performance and fertility supplements, Bivit also has products that can be related to specific problems.

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During the last 3 months of pregnancy and during lactation, mares have a higher need for vitamins, trace elements and minerals. This provides a power boost for liver, joints, muscles and coat. Also, extra copper is not passed on through the milk. So the foal needs to store sufficient reserves in the liver during gestation. This combined with beta-carotene ensures good follicle development and pronounced foal bronzing. Adding DHA also ensures optimal development of the brain and vital organs resulting in a more vital foal. Using probiotics in the form of live yeasts creates a balanced and stable intestinal flora for mare and foal. This stimulates a higher colostrum yield and constant, good milk production.

Good and healthy fertility of the stallion or mare requires many nutrients from the body. Certain components are indispensable as building blocks of sperm cells in the stallion and follicle development in the mare. In addition to a quality sperm and egg, proper fertilisation and implantation are crucial. During these phases, intense, internal immune reactions may occur in the mare, resulting in infertility. Equifert tempers these defence reactions by providing strong antioxidants to improve fertilisation and implantation of the fertilised egg.

Biotin is the main vitamin of the skin, hooves and coat. It plays an essential role in the formation of all these structures. Crumbling or unhealthy-looking hooves are best supported by giving a Biotin-based supplement. Merely treating externally with hoof ointment is not enough. Biotin Plus combines vitamin H or biotin with organic trace elements such as copper, zinc and manganese to achieve strong hooves and a healthy, shiny hair cover.

At the start of spring and during summer, many horses become prone to summer scours. This is due to the Culicoides mosquitoes that rear their heads during warm, humid days. Negative consequences of summer sheds, such as broken manes and tails and consequently infections, are better prevented than cured. The nutritional supplement Summer Itch effectively helps you do just that. Summer Itch provides both a preventive effect, by adding garlic powder to repel flies and mosquitoes, and a curative effect. The latter is achieved by using antioxidants to combat inflammation and probiotics to support the gastrointestinal system.

Horses have a high susceptibility to gastric ulcers. This as a result of stress, due to transport, training and infections, among others, combined with an energy-rich ration. Namely a large amount of concentrate feed compared to a limited amount of roughage. This combination can cause reduced saliva production and rapid gastric emptying which can give rise to gastric ulcers. By using fast and durable buffers, Gastro Zen reduces saliva production and protects the stomach wall. Furthermore, it provides a relieving effect that quickly removes a stressor.

Colic comes in many varieties. Sand colic is a major variant that often occurs when horses spend time in a sparse pasture or paddock that allows them to absorb an amount of sand through the feed or by sand licking out of boredom. Sand Colic Control can be given at different times as a cure to remove excess sand from the stomach. This by using psyllium fibre and probiotics which re-stabilises the intestinal flora.

Osteoarthritis in horses is a common problem, especially in older horses. Treatments with anti-inflammatory drugs can give rise to pernicious side effects such as ulcers. Arthro Plus can stimulate cartilage formation and inhibit breakdown by using organic trace elements, glucosamine and MSM. Antioxidants further provide anti-inflammatory action and pain relief.

Every living being continuously produces free radicals in physiological processes such as respiration and immunity. A healthy and balanced body copes with this and starts breaking down these free radicals by using the body’s own antioxidants. The free radicals formed weaken cell membranes and disrupt the functioning of muscle and blood cells, which eventually break down. As the body’s production of free radicals is much higher during intensive training, the body can be supported against this oxidative stress via Haemotonic, which supports the horse by applying antioxidants in the form of vitamins A, E, C, B2 and natural forms.

Horses can handle heat well. To protect themselves, horses will cool down by sweating profusely. In the process, they lose not only fluids but also electrolytes. Besides providing sufficient water, administering extra salts is crucial to compensate for the losses. When electrolytes are in short supply, the horse is less able to absorb and retain fluids, causing the horse to dehydrate. It also reduces skin elasticity and decreases stamina. Bio-electros combines various salts to ensure optimal replenishment and absorption.

Essential in training a horse is the application of the necessary components for optimal muscle building. A well-thought-out training schedule is important but not sufficient to lift muscles to an outstanding level. Some necessary amino acids the horse cannot produce itself and are insufficiently present in feed. Muscle Boost combines these necessary amino acids that the horse cannot produce itself. Furthermore, Muscle boost contains antioxidants to protect the body cells from degradation by free radicals released during intensive training.

Intensive exercise produces a lot of free radicals in the horse’s body. These free radicals can break down muscle cells, among other things. Since intensive training greatly increases the production of free radicals, we support the horse’s body by administering additional antioxidants via Selevit E in the form of vitamin E and organic selenium. These components work mainly at the level of muscle cells.

Stress in horses is detrimental to performance, concentration, reproduction, lactation, etc. Stress in horses has many causes. Besides identifying and controlling the causes, Animalzen can also help relieve the symptoms. The amino acid tryptophan and mineral magnesium reduce tense reactions and stimulate the production of the anti-stress hormone serotonin. Furthermore, Animalzen also contains buffering components against stomach acid as stress is a major cause of stomach ulcers.

Topvit Plus is a maintenance supplement for high-performance horses as horses are demanding animals with a high nutritional requirement. A ration based on hay, haylage or grass, supplemented or not with concentrates, already contains a lot of minerals and other nutritional components. However, the requirements to perform optimally are high. Pregnant mares, breeding stallions, young horses and sport horses in particular often draw on their reserves and therefore need a mineral boost. To complete the horse’s total ration, Topvit Plus is the ideal supplement as it combines all necessary amino acids, organic trace elements and minerals. Furthermore, this product also contains probiotics in the form of live yeasts to promote optimal intestinal flora.

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