In modern pig farming, there are some important pillars. On the one hand, we want high fertility with vital piglets in the sows; on the other hand, we also want healthy piglets with strong growth in the finishing pigs. By combining appropriate nutritional strategies with up-to-date knowledge of genetics, management techniques and veterinary advice, we can meet both pillars.

Bivit puts a strong focus on gut health and immunity with its premixes and feed formulation. The effects of stress can also be minimized through appropriate nutritional solutions. After all, good technical performance starts with a healthy, robust animal, whether sows, piglets or fattening pigs.

By combining the right vitamins, minerals, trace elements and additives with a customized feed formulation, Bivit offers the ideal solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of your animals.

With an extensive range and in-house production facilities, Bivit can offer the optimal product for every farm.

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