Growth and eye conditions for barley were mostly good in 2023. The nutritional values are therefore excellent. From the data we have so far, barley contains slightly more protein this year, but the starch content is lower. The energy content is therefore slightly lower, but the difference is negligible. The hectoliter weight seems to be slightly lower on average, but we see no difference in fiber content compared to last year. O.w.v. the dry and sunny weather in spring and early summer, the risk of mycotoxins is very limited.

Our analyzes show that early harvested wheat is generally of good quality. In contrast to barley, the protein content is slightly lower compared to last year, but the starch content is higher. On average we see only a small difference in hectoliter weights and energy contents.
Late harvested wheat appears to be highly variable in quality. This wheat was harvested after a long, relatively cool rainy period, which caused the crops to become very gray. On certain plots the grains were already germinating in the ears. The quality of baking wheat in particular has deteriorated sharply, meaning that many batches will be used as feed wheat, even though their nutritional value is still different. For the time being, there have been no worrying reports about mycotoxins, but we still recommend being very careful when consuming wheat this year and critically evaluating each batch.

CCM 2023
CCM’s trading will soon be in full swing. We have already simulated the price at which CCM at 70% dry matter provides a financial advantage in pig formulas.
We calculated the value of CCM using daily prices of corn (€233/ton), wheat (€231/ton) and barley (€223/ton). Prices were simulated using fattening pig formulas. CCM becomes more interesting than corn when the price drops below €190/ton. From a price of €180, CCM also becomes more interesting than wheat.

When grains are purchased single milled (daily price + €15-20/ton), CCM is already interesting from a price of €202-207/ton.

Grain harvest 2023 and CCM prices