The needs of sows change drastically throughout pregnancy. During the first part we feed the sow so that she can recover after the previous lactation, while in part two we must fully focus on piglet growth and vitality.

If a separate feed can be provided during the first part of the pregnancy, a pregnancy feed with Sows Essentia premix is the ideal solution. With Zeugen Essentia we return to the essence, without compromises. This offers the most economical solution for recovering sows and for the maintenance period in mid-gestation. Sows Essentia meets the high quality requirements of Bivit, as you are used to, and contains all components that are important for robust leg work and a healthy sow herd.

If you want to achieve top results, you have to step up your game during the second part of pregnancy. Zeugen Essentia is no longer sufficient here. The growing fetuses need high levels of very specific nutrients, vitamins, such as certain amino acids, essential fatty acids, etc.

If it is not possible to provide two different pregnancy feeds, working with a formula containing Sow Basics is the best solution. With Zeugen Basics we offer a very extensive and solid package of nutrients that achieves very good results. Unfortunately, with only 1 pregnancy phase we can provide less targeted guidance.

Smoothly through pregnancy with sows Essentia and Ultimo