Liquid feeding is a profession in itself. When a number of basic principles are respected, it offers many advantages. By-products used in liquid feeds are often cheaper than dry raw materials and they are usually already “pre-digested” through a fermentation process. Not unimportant: pigs always prefer liquid feed over dry feed. As a result, feed intake is usually higher and feed costs are slightly lower. With liquid feeding you also have additional options in terms of monitoring because you have a perfect view of the feeding curve and feed consumption. Finally, by-products are circular, which is good for the environment and the reputation of the sector.
With liquid feeding we of course face many challenges in terms of technology, nutrition and hygiene. Fortunately, you can always count on our experience and advice to assist you in this.
Complementary feed: purchase it, make it yourself or add all raw materials directly to the mixer? Bivit can always guide you in this.

Many liquid feed companies choose to mix in as many dry raw materials as possible themselves. Did you know that the step to complete self-mixing is sometimes very small? In addition to the by-products, you only need a very limited number of raw materials. You can make all your rations yourself using grains, one or two fiber sources, a protein source and a fat source. Depending on the by-products used, one or more of these raw materials can often be omitted.

All you need is a premix that balances your rations and is tailored to the needs of your animals. With liquid feed it is very important that the components of the premixes are selected very carefully. Not all vitamins and minerals are equally water soluble! With a premix that is not suitable for liquid feed you will never achieve the best results or you may even experience serious technical malfunctions.
More and more liquid feed companies are switching to completely self-mixing. The advantages are numerous: more control over quality, more options in terms of purchasing contracts for raw materials, more flexibility, etc.

Bivit Varken

What does Bivit have to offer:

Unique and independent vision

  • Complementary feeds and premixes are always tailor-made and perfectly balanced
  • Market leader in the production of 2.5% – 5% premixes for liquid feed companies
  • Very extensive international experience with by-products and liquid feeding


  • Follow-up in the stable by the nutritionists themselves
  • Analysis of by-products to determine nutritional value
    Monitoring quality parameters
  • Unique way of formulating so that by-products are used much better
  • Top performance at all stages of production


  • Knowledge of the market and always up to date with the latest developments
  • Constant adjustment based on the needs and possibilities of your company
With Bivit you really get the most out of your liquid feed