Dairy cattle – Lactation

1. During lactation, we focus on:

  • Increasing general resistance and fertility, through high doses of essential antioxidants and highly stable and highly absorbable, organic, trace elements
    Prevention of calf disease
  • Improve claw and udder health, with some specific nutrients important for keratin formation. Keratin is essential for teat closure and horn tissue formation (claws). A lower somatic cell count, less mastitis (udder infection) and healthier claws (fewer claw problems) are the result.
  • Stimulating rumen fermentation and avoiding rumen acidification
  • Support liver function, avoiding fatty liver and ketosis. Specific additives stimulate liver metabolism and improve the animal’s energy status.
Dairy cattle – Lactation

2. Tripe buffering

Bivibuffer Ultra is an excellent rumen buffer that makes an optimal combination between different raw materials and can additionally replace chalk from the ration, as it is a source of highly absorbable calcium.

Buffering capacity in the most critical pH zone in the rumen:

Dairy cattle – Lactation

3. Lacta Pack

On top of the mineral mix and buffer, it is sometimes necessary to add extra chalk, salt or magnesium oxide to cover the full requirement of high-yielding cows. In the end, you end up with 3, 4 or sometimes as many as 5 separate products that have to be dosed in the mixer truck, from bagged feed. Not always efficient and greater risk of mistakes.

This is why Bivit has developed the Lacta Pack range:

  • 250 g/cow/day
  • All-in-one package
  • Includes all aspects of the Lacta Gold range + Bivibuffer Ultra + the necessary extra chalk, salt and magnesium oxide.
  • 1 product covering all mineral needs.
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