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At high performance, the liver of a laying hen has to process a lot. Liver Stimul supports, among other things, fat digestion in the liver and helps energy metabolism. Choline chloride is supplemented with powerful additives that have a detoxifying effect on the liver. This means that fatty liver disease is completely a thing of the past.


With old laying hens it is often not easy to maintain good eggshell quality. Eggshell Forte is the ideal product to stimulate the absorption of calcium. Thanks to correct vitamins and the right trace elements, the incorporation of calcium into the egg shell is promoted and a stronger shell is ultimately obtained.


Poultry experiences many problems at high temperatures. With the help of Heatstop, the negative consequences of the heat, such as reduced feed intake, are reduced and performance is better controlled. Thanks to electrolytes, blood values ​​remain stable, which means that calcium absorption from the blood remains constant. A powerful antioxidant blend also supports the immune system and keeps stress to a minimum. This way, heat stress is kept to an absolute minimum.


This vitamin mixture can be mixed in the food or dissolved in the water and thus provide a real vitamin boost. Under conditions of stress (transport, vaccination, high production), this provides strong support for the animals.


In extreme stress conditions such as illness, appropriate measures are required. Antibiotics are out of the question, making Stress Support the ideal alternative. Thanks to Stress Support, the animals receive an ultimate boost of strong antioxidants, which neutralize as much stress as possible. Stress Support is the best boost for immunity!


The start-up of broilers is crucial, because then the chicks are most susceptible to harmful bacteria. Thanks to Prostart you can immediately populate the intestine with good bacteria. In addition, Prostart contains all kinds of nutrients for these bacteria, giving them an even more powerful effect. Harmful bacteria no longer have a chance, which means the animals get a healthier start and ultimately have stronger technical results! Prostart is sprinkled on top of the feed on the chick paper at 1 gram per chick.

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