Poultry  Product range

The optimal composition of a feed and accompanying premix guarantees the high sensory qualities of the table eggs; solid protein, strong egg shells and yolk color are some important aspects in the composition of this premix. In addition, the laying and egg weight is also directed in the positive direction by drawing up the optimal feed formula, including appropriate energy and protein content. We help you for both the rearing phases and the laying phases.

We compose our breeding premix based on our many years of practical experience in the breeding sector and our extensive physiological knowledge of broilers. The quality of this Bivitpremix is internationally recognized. The Breeding Premix from Bivit guarantees, in addition to broilers in optimal condition, also healthy chickens with a high vitality. We help you for both the rearing phases and the laying phases.

A good transition from yolk feed to starter feed, a strong skeletal structure, intestinal health and immunity are important for the performance of broilers. Good meat quality also requires careful attention. A perfect feed can only be composed by controlling all parameters together. Bivit helps to coordinate these parameters and makes the perfect premix for this. In combination with the rapidly changing needs of the broiler, we put together the optimal feed formulas for you.


Bivisol Multi contains a total package of all vitamins, both the water-soluble and the fat-soluble vitamins. These vitamins give a boost to the metabolism and help absorb stress caused by, among other things, transport, high production or illness. Bivisol Multi is the total solution to give your animals a boost.


Bivisol Osteomin is an additional mixture of trace elements and minerals. This product is used in broiler chickens for optimal skeletal construction or for leg problems. In laying hens and broiler breeders, Bivisol Osteomin is used as a boost for egg shell formation.


At high performance the laying hen's liver has to process a lot. Liver Stimul supports, among other things, fat digestion in the liver and helps energy metabolism on the way. Choline chloride is supplemented with powerful additives that have a detoxifying effect on the liver.


In old laying hens it is often not easy to maintain good eggshell quality. Eggshell Forte is the ideal product to stimulate the absorption of calcium. Thanks to vitamin hydroxy-D3 and the right trace elements, the incorporation of calcium into the egg shell is promoted and ultimately a stronger scale is obtained.


Poultry has many problems at high temperatures. With the help of Heatstop, the negative effects of the heat, such as less feed intake, are reduced and performance is better controlled. Thanks to electrolytes, the blood values ​​remain stable, so that calcium absorption from the blood remains constant. A powerful antioxidant blend also supports the immune system and keeps stress to a minimum. In addition, specific minerals provide rest for the animals, so that there is less internal heat production.


This vitamin mixture can be mixed in the feed or dissolved in the water and in this way provide a real vitamin boost. Under conditions of stress (transport, vaccination, high production) this provides firm support for the animals.


In extreme stress conditions such as illness, appropriate measures are required. Antibiotics are out of the question, making Stress Support the ideal alternative. This product can be given to the chickens both in the feed and dissolved in the water. Thanks to Stress Support, the animals get the ultimate boost of primary and secondary antioxidants, which neutralize all reactivity in the body (caused by stress and disease). Stress Support is the best boost for immunity!