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Product range - Minerals

The Bivit minerals are balanced mixtures of stable and easily absorbable vitamins, minerals, organic trace elements and other additives. They can be used in the feed mixer or on top of the feed at the feed fence. With correct dosing, extra vitamins via concentrates are unnecessary!

During lactation we focus on:

  • Increase general resistance and fertility: High doses of essential antioxidants and very stable and easily absorbable trace elements increase the general resistance to infections.
  • Calf disease prevention: By properly supporting the calcium metabolism, the risk of calf disease decreases.
  • Improve udder and claw health: In addition to the general antioxidants, some specific nutrients that are important in the formation of keratin are also added. Keratin is essential for closing the teats and forming horn tissue (claws).
  • Stimulation of rumen fermentation: In highly productive animals, rumen fermentation sometimes comes under pressure, and the risk of acidification of the rumen increases.
  • Liver function support: Not only the rumen, the liver is also often under pressure. Specific additives stimulate the metabolism in the liver and improve the animal's energy status.

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The dry period and transition is an extremely important period in the lactation cycle.

Both for the health, fertility and good start-up of the cow, and for the vitality of the calf. That is why Bivit has developed Drystat Beta, a complete and high-quality mineral mixture for dry cows. Important aspects are a high dose of beta carotene, many antioxidants and organic trace elements, with a focus on:
  • Calf disease prevention
  • Udder health
  • Fertility
  • Liver function (prevention of ketosis)
  • Vital and healthy calves
  • General resistance (prevention of uterine inflammation, ...)
In cases where our classic mineral is difficult to apply, there is also the Biviblock Beta: a tasty licking bucket.

Focus on suckler cows - beef cattle

With suckler cows Mineral Beta, the focus (in addition to general health) is on good fertility, vital calves and mange prevention. For growing beef cattle and fattening, optimal growth and a good meat color and quality are the most important pillars of the beef cattle mineral. The rumen and liver function are also addressed here.

In the pasture season, where the suckler cows are not fed, and loose minerals are therefore not an option, the Biviblock Beta can be used, a tasty licking bucket.


Bivit also has the right solutions for young cattle and other ruminants. More information at your Bivit advisor.

Range - Nutritional supplements

In case of specific shortages, problems or other situations, Bivit also has a range of nutritional supplements that respond to some specific needs.

Fertility 50:
  • to promote fertility, applicable in dairy and beef cattle, from 2 weeks before calving to insemination. Also ideal for embryo flushing.

Epistim 50:
  • to prevent and cure leg problems and udder inflammation

Close Up Mix:
  • for the prevention of calf disease. To be given in the close-up period of the dry period, based on anionic salts.

  • cow drink, immediately after calving. Stimulates milk production, minimizes the risk of ketosis and calf disease, restores the electrolyte balance

Bivibuffer Ultra:
  • unique buffer product that pursues the ideal rumen acidity in both the short and long term.

Bovimax Finish 100:
  • Promotes feed intake and growth in the fattening phase. Supports liver and rumen function.

Multivit Calves:
  • Give water and milk soluble vitamin supplement to calves to weaning. Increases the resistance and vitality of the calves.

Slide stop:
  • supplement for calves, to prevent calf diarrhea. Restores and supports the intestinal flora.

MTB Bivit:
  • with (risk of) mycotoxin contamination. Eliminates toxins through absorption & inactivation.

Yeast Mix:
  • supplement based on live yeasts, to support rumen fermentation.

Vitamin E / Se:
  • mixture of vitamin E and organic selenium, in extra high concentration, to make up for shortages.