Beta carotene, boost for fertility


Beta carotene, boost for fertility

After calving, a cow relies partly on the fat reserves of its body to produce milk for the calf. With this fat breakdown, free fatty acids enter the bloodstream, and these can cause oxidative damage to the follicle and other deficiencies! At the time of calving, there is therefore a great need for beta carotene, while in practice we see that this is precisely when the supply is the lowest. Supplementing beta carotene during the dry period thus improves fertility.

Dairy cattle

Beta-carotene in the dry period is therefore essential for good fertility and the shortest possible calving interval. The shorter the calving interval, the higher the average daily production. In addition, the feed efficiency (kg of produced milk / kg of ingested feed) is higher in the first half of lactation. At the end of lactation, this feeding efficiency is lower. Various sources speak of about 3 euros profit per cow, per day shorter calving interval!

Suckler cows

Of course, a shorter calving interval is also a financial added value for suckler cows. Every day when the cow is not pregnant costs money. Feed costs are the heaviest in particular. With a feed cost of 3 euros / day and an insemination cost of 25 euros, the "yields" of good fertility can be mirrored to the yields in the table at Dairy Cattle. The cost of the Bivit-Suckler cow mineral with beta carotene, at 50g per animal per day, for a full year = less than 20 euros per cow per year!

There is more

The yield of good fertility goes much further, of course. Replacement costs will also be lower and less rearing is needed. However, the rearing costs vary greatly per company and you also get money for a slaughtered cow, so this aspect is very difficult to calculate financially.

Above we only talk about better fertility and beta carotene. Drystat Beta and Suckler Cows Mineral Beta are of course complete mineral mixtures with high vitamins, organic trace elements, ... which also respond to the general resistance, udder health, prevention of uterine inflammation, support of the liver, good colostrum quality, vital calves, and so on. This only increases the financial return.


High-quality dry minerals and / or suckler cow minerals with beta carotene provide, in addition to the benefits for the animal, a high return on investment for the farmer. For the optimization of your rations, fertility and more information, you can always contact your Bivit advisor!