What we do

Bivit wants to appeal to, stimulate and assist the entrepreneur - feed producer and livestock farmer - with result-oriented nutritional advice. Our scientific knowledge about premixes and nutritional supplements forms the basis for a sustainable and successful management of your company. With healthier animals and therefore a higher return on investment.

Because today's farmer wants to achieve results more than ever, in full transparency and with the necessary guarantees.
Good core nutrition is essential for the health of your animals and modern livestock farming.
The perfect diet will also drastically reduce medical costs.
With Bivit you can lay the foundation for a sustainable improvement of your return. You will feel the result.

At Bivit, animal health and a sustainable approach are always top of mind. In our total vision, we emphasize the relationship between nutrition, health and performance of the animals.

'You are what you eat'

Our premixes stimulate the natural resistance of your livestock. In this way we restore the individuality of the animals and we can significantly reduce medication use. Growth promoters and hormones are taboo with Bivit anyway. We only use organic trace elements for our mineral mixtures. This not only ensures less over-fertilization, it also improves the shelf life of our premixes. Finally, Bivit is a pioneer in the use of algae as a sustainable alternative to DHA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid that is under discussion due to the problems of overfishing.

Together we go for top quality

Collaboration and partnership are essential for Bivit:
  • with researchers
  • with the feed industry
  • with suppliers
  • and especially with the entrepreneurial farmer himself.

In addition, you buy from us directly from the producer, in a relationship of trust. Our production facility in Gullegem meets the strictest standards for quality, safety and hygiene. The almost fully automatic production process reduces the risk of human error and guarantees the best efficiency.