Bivit was founded in Bruges by Marc Verkampst. In 1992 Paul De Smet started as an independent representative at Bivit. In 1999 Paul takes over Bivit, the beginning of a growth story.


Bivit has 4 production employees and 3 employees office/commercial employees. Ignace Deleersnyder joins the team. The production reaches 4000 tons / year. Cooperation has now started with Bivit Italia / Neofarma in Italy and Ahlbrand in Germany. New ranges are successfully launched on the market.


Bivit receives its FAVV recognition (federal food safety label). The GMP + certificate and the German QS standard are a fact. In 2004 Bivit can be proud of a turnover increase of 150%, good for 6000 tons. Cooperation with Nutrifirm, which will also serve the French market, will start in 2007. In 2008, the first plans were made for the construction of a larger production site in Gullegem.


The new production location in Gullegem is opened with the focus on:
  • Efficiency in storage of raw materials
  • Weigh correctly
  • Mix homogeneously
  • Reduced carry-over
  • Fully automatic dosing
  • Dust control
  • Ergonomics for the employees

Bivit is the first factory to be equipped with vertical transport of the raw materials. A container lift takes the raw materials to a height of 24 meters. There they are poured into the mixer, after which the premix ends up in a weighing bunker after mixing.

The present

The Bivit team now has 22 employees and we produce 12 000 tons per year, which equates to an output equivalent of 1.2 mio tons of final feed. Bivit is still in full growth every day under the leadership of CEO Paul De Smet.